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Welcome to the last welding services shop you will ever look for. You can count on us to provide quick, affordable, and high-quality welding and fabrication support for all of your needs. Give us a call today to receive a free estimate or learn more about the many services we offer!

" I own dozens of skid steers and excavators that I lease out to contractors. The buckets and plows are periodically needing maintenance and thankfully Welding Boise was able to come out to the job site each time. I expected to pay quite a bit for such services but was pleasantly surprised by the first bill I received, and have continued using them for years." - Gordon McClendon


We provide the most premier welding services Boise has to offer. Our welders are well versed in most welding applications from a spot welder to decorative TIG welding. We have made an impact in the community as the foremost custom metal fabrication Boise area company. If you have metal, we can bend it, fix it, weld it, mold it into anything that you can design.

Mobile Welding

Many times bringing equipment to our Boise metal fabrication shop is not an option. We have outfitted several rigs with the top of the line welding equipment and gas tanks to ensure there is no job out in the field we cannot handle. Our mobile welding Boise area services are a customer favorite, because who doesn’t want to save a trip to downtown Boise? So if you’re moments from yelling expletives and screaming “Why are there no mobile welders near me!” you can take solace knowing we are a mere phone call.

Residential Welding

Aside from the large scale repairs and commercial welding, we can also provide the best welder Boise has for residential services. A lot of folks need roof work for their shops and just do not have the means to repair supports or joints in the metal. We are prepared to come out for a simple leaky pipe as well, we provide certified pipe welding at a low cost. So the next time you think “where are there welders near me?” we are already at your door!

Welding Repair

Over the years our welders have repaired just about any metal object that exists. They have honed their craft through careful repetition and attention to detail. From big rigs to truck beds, we have the skills and knowledge to repair anything. We can provide some of the best aluminum welding Boise residents have ever seen! We help prepare our staff to be the best welder Boise has to offer by constantly testing their repairing abilities. There is a certain rush when it comes to reviving a seemingly non-functional object back to its former glory.

Metal Fabrication

When it comes to metal fabrication and custom welding we have a talented group of welders that have seen almost every difficult design out there. But that does not stop them, they have the proficiencies to turn nothing into a piece of art. So if you say “Why can I not find metal fabrication near me” we were right under your nose the whole time.

Commercial Welding

Many of our customers require welding services in the manufacturing field, schools, hospitals, and the typical pole building steel structures. When the project surpasses being booth welded, we have many welding contractors ready to provide on-site welding services. The most common jobs we work on are structural support beams for heating and cooling units or I-beam supports. All of our welders are AWS certified to provide quality and accurate welding in any condition out at your job site.

About Welding Boise

Thank you for inquiring about our welding and fabrication company, we are here to serve you. Many welding companies in Boise find it difficult to cater to every need of a welding fabrication project. But here at Welding Boise we provide numerous welding services to ensure our clients are nothing short of happy. If you come to us with a project we do not typically work on, we will work with you to engineer a solution that both parties will be satisfied with. We offer mobile welding, pipe welding, aluminum welding, arc welding, fabricating, and much more! Our welders have been trained and certified on:

-MIG welder

-TIG welder

-Stick Welder

-Acetelyn cutting

-Plasma cutting

We make sure our welders are well trained to provide any welding service that comes through our shop. They have become proficient in all welding processes, creating some of the best welding contractors Boise ID has ever seen.

We strive to create a positive environment for our welders in the shop. We have found that this allows them to provide the highest quality work and be the best welder they can be. Along with a positive attitude, our welders are required to take the AWS (American Welding Society) certification in as many processes as possible. Many of our welders have come from Washington and have received their WABO (Washington Association of Building) certification of 3G and 4G unlimited thickness stick welding and 6G unlimited thickness pipe welding. Our welders not only have the accolades, but the tenure to back up their proficiencies.

Our shop provides great benefits and monthly incentives to keep our welders active and eager to continue employment at welding Boise. There is no such thing as cutting corners when it comes to custom welding projects, we provide the most accurate metal fabrication Boise has to offer. If the tolerances called out are 0.125” you can bet our production will meet that tolerance and if you are not satisfied with the end product we will continue to provide you services until it meets your specifications.

There are many other welding companies in Boise ID, but none compare to the speed, quality, and support of welding Boise. Anytime you hear someone say “where are all the welding companies near me?!” you can confidently send them our way for a hassle-free interaction from the start of the quoting process to the end product at your doorstep.

Why Choose Welding Boise?

When it comes to quality service we are surpassed by no other welding shops in Boise. Our customers always come first and this is proven by the number of repeat customers we have. We are excited to provide custom welding by a professional welder at an affordable cost. The hardest part of having custom welding and fabrication work done is the cost. We are providing parts and labor and creating a masterpiece out of a pile of metal.

Many people consider welding an art (we agree) and our customers find that we are Picasso of Boise welding. But the “artwork” does not come with a premium cost, because we understand the working class does not need to be price gouged for every service they seek out (pipefitter, roofer, lawn service, etc.). This is why we interact with every customer and work with them to find the best possible outcome for our Boise welding company and their end product. The dialogue creates trust between customer/service members and a medium ground is easily attained where both parties come out happy. But in the end, the customer’s happiness is our top priority.

We understand that finding a shop can be difficult. We always overhear these phrases at the hardware store or supermarket:

  • Is there welding near me?
  • Where are the welding shops near me?
  • Can I find welding services near me?
boise welder
boise metal fabrication

Luckily for you, we have built a reputable welding company over many years. We have been serving Boise and the surrounding areas with our steel fabricators, metal fabricators, welding contractors, and mobile welding services for years and always enjoy giving back to our community when possible by providing free (or severely discounted) welding services. Contact us today via email or phone for a free estimate, we look forward to hearing from you!

boise welding services

What To Expect from Welding Boise

From the minute you request a quote, we will continue to keep in constant contact with you through the fabrication process. Once the drawing or job is received we will send out our estimate. After we agree upon a price our professional welders are eager to start the next project. We provide up to date emails to let you know exactly where we are at in the welding and fabricating process. Our welders typically go through these steps on each project:

  • Procure the pre-cut metal from the fabricators
  • Prep every anticipated weld service by grinding off mill scale, rust, or patina
  • Drill and tap all holes in the part (if applicable)
  • Weld, weld, and more welding!
  • Prep for paint by taping off all threads and unpainted surfaces (if applicable)
  • Send the part off to the painters
  • Final product

We will try to keep in contact through all of the fabricating and painting processes to ensure you are satisfied with the route we are taking for your project. At step 7, if you find an angle is out of alignment, the fillet weld was not filled enough, or even the paint was not even across the entire project, we will happily take it back until it is right. Most of our welding services customers enjoy the step by step updates and relieve any stress of the project. It helps us as well, if you back out at step 3, we do not waste our time fabrication the entire project and you will be out very little money. If you want a high-quality welding fabrication project completed at a reasonable price look no further, you will not find a more proficient Boise welder anywhere else!

About Boise

Boise is a vastly expanding city with many amenities for the active lifestyle. With a rapidly increasing population of 230,000, the residents have many parks and outdoor activities to enjoy. The green belt is a chain of seemingly endless parks with hundreds of people taking advantage of the perks of each park every day. The Boise River is a 102 mile long tributary of the snake river that flows directly alongside the green belt with many beaches for residents to swim and float down the river. If the outdoors are not your thing, there is plenty to see in downtown Boise like the 19th century Old Idaho Penitentiary. This landmark showcases prison conditions in the 19th century and provides an in-depth look at how the inmates came to be at the prison. What makes Boise unique is the various suburbs surrounding the city that have a very rural feel while staying within a 20-minute drive to nearby main attractions. Downtown Boise has many shops and restaurants for every walk of life. Many of the residents who prefer a suburb feel have moved to surrounding areas such as:

  • Meridian
  • Nampa
  • Caldwell
  • Eagle
  • Kuna
  • Mountain home
  • Star
  • Many other surrounding areas

Industry Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best metal fabrication Boise ID has?

We take pride in our quality work and affordable prices. Our company has served the Boise area for years and have made a very positive name for ourselves in the community. We think that we provide the service and end product that deserves the title of best metal fabrication shop in Boise!

What does a welder do?

The simple answer is “the fusing of like-metals through electricity.” The welder uses an electrode (can be stick welding, TIG welding, or MIG welding) and extremely high heat upwards of 2100 degrees Fahrenheit to melt two pieces of metal and use a filler rod (or wire or stick) to fill the gap between the two metals. As the metal cools it creates a rock hard bond and the two pieces of metal become one.

Is it safe to weld at home?

Absolutely! We think that welding is a great technique to learn for all ages. The main concern as always is safety. Using a well-ventilated welding area free of flammable objects will provide you optimal conditions for home welding. The proper power source is also crucial as welders can run off of 120V, 240V, or 480V power. Feeder breakers or tripping outlets are suggested but not required. The welder uses immense current to melt metals so having some sort of fault protection for over current situations would keep you and your home safe.

Can I plug a welder into a regular outlet?

A typical outlet is 120V and some welders are equipped to run off of 120V power. Typically regular receptacles are daisy-chained together and are fed from a single breaker at the panel. It is important to use a dedicated outlet when it comes to welding due to the high ampacity it uses. If one is not available try to make sure no other outlets on the circuit are being used as your welder will likely trip the breaker if there are other loads. The downside to 120V welders is lack of penetration and limited thickness you can weld on. But they are great hobby welders for small projects.

What welder is best for auto body?

A typical outlet is 120V and some welders are equipped to run off of 120V power. Typically regular receptacles are daisy-chained together and are fed from a single breaker at the panel. It is important to use a dedicated outlet when it comes to welding due to the high ampacity it uses. If one is not available try to make sure no other outlets on the circuit are being used as your welder will likely trip the breaker if there are other loads. The downside to 120V welders is lack of penetration and limited thickness you can weld on. But they are great hobby welders for small projects.

What are the four types of welding?

-Gas Metal Arc Welding “GMAW” also known as MIG (Metal Inert Gas)

-Gas Tungsten Arc Gas Welding “GTAW” also known as TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas)

-Shielded Metal Arc Welding “SMAW” also known as Stick

-Flux Core Arc Welding “FCAW” Another form of MIG welding provides a shielding around the weld to trap in gas and remove porosity

" I didn’t have much knowledge when it came to welding but needed my ATV frame repaired. They were very helpful and didn’t make me feel less of a person for not knowing the terminology. They took the time to explain what and how they were going to fix the ATV and provided support through the whole process. "

- Jesus Esprada

" I could not believe how clean they welded up my support beams. They took stacking dimes to another level. They must be mixing magic with their stargon gas because it looked machine welded, will be coming back indefinitely."

- Landin Smith

Contact Us Today

We have many welders eager to complete new projects. There are not many times we have idle hands in our welding shop. Because of the wide variety of welding services we provide, our shop is constantly bustling. Our mobile welders enjoy keeping busy out at job sites but enjoy being able to come home to their families every night even more. We retain welders very well because of the high standards and quality work environment.

We have many staff members standing by ready to answer any questions you have about the welding and fabrication projects. If you want a quality product manufactured at an affordable price, look no further. Our schedule is constantly changing here at Welding Boise so if you have plans for a welding project do not hesitate to contact us for a free estimate!

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